Armony in the world, an Italian design manifesto

How Armony design has crossed borders to become a world-renowned icon of Italian kitchen

Design and innovation are the drivers that have led Armony to be identified worldwide as an example of Italian craftsmanship, reliability and elegance: excellence Made in Italy. These are the topics for the company’s third video, the aim of which is to communicate the brand’s values and identity outside the corporate sphere, and in which Cristian Maccan, Global Sales Director and Cristian Roman, Italy Sales Director, retrace the areas where Armony has written its almost 50 years’ story.

This constant aptitude for innovation has taken Armony across the borders of Italy and Europe: exporting our business model and intercepting stimulus from other cultures, has made us a company whose kitchen furniture is displayed in the most important trade fairs and used in homes throughout the world.

Everything started in our territory, whose huge natural and artistic heritage is a source of inspiration for the research and development of materials that are then transformed into cutting-edge kitchen furniture. We have imagined natural influences and explored untrodden paths in this industry, recreating the texture of natural stone and incorporating new materials, such as porcelain and powdered metal, into paint, which has led to the re-organisation of our production processes.

Global Sales Director Cristian Maccan, accompanied by Cristian Roman, Italy Sales Director, tells us how Armony through its attitude to design and innovation has managed to export its business model in the international field.

Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination



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