A kitchen that interprets modernity, combining the elegance of innovative materials with the technology of the cabinet doors with aluminium frames. The resulting spaces are functional, beautiful and enhanced by elegant reflections from the glass and the rich texture of materials such as Laminam, also available for worktops. The cabinet door of the T16 kitchen is one of a kind, combining different materials within a single element and offering a choice of stylish door fronts, including in tempered glass with a glossy and matt finish in six different colours and stoneware in six more varieties of materials.

The special aluminium framed cabinet doors on model T16 feature here matt glass on the base units and Stoneware on the tall units and island. Using the same materials for the worktops creates a minimal look that exalts textures in this original, timeless kitchen.

Armony introduces the luminous equipped K Panel. ns on its back, light is constantly wi- despread over the entire surface. A great sce- nic result conceived for lighting up the entire working surface. On the top of the panel there is a second Led Strip that enlightens the wall. K Panel has a wide range of fancy aluminum and fumé glass accessories.

Mover is an easy and elegant vertical downwards slider. It allows to create closable compartments exploi- ting spaces that can be elegantly hidden by a sliding panel. Sliding on extremely silent rails, grants a smooth and fluent ongoing movement. The innovative electrified GSS System TMbar, located inside the mechanism allows a safe displacement and repla- cement of power adapters supplied through a simple twist.

Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination



VIDEO PRODUCTION Quasar Production

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PHOTOGRAPHY Tommaso Balestra

STYLING Claudia Sani

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