Armony Anniversary

The value of identity


Armony has always identified strongly with the local area, especially for the two-way relationship between the company’s growth and the environmental value delivered by the rare professional excellence found in the local community. Our kitchens are designed and manufactured exclusively in Treviso, in the northeast of Italy, in collaboration with selected Italian suppliers.

This is where the strength of our identity lies.

Driving the evolution in taste as well as in technology.


Armony is always searching for innovative technological solutions aimed at improving the user's experience in every kitchen, while enhancing the beauty of each of its features.

Our accessories are designed not only to make the kitchen more functional but also to provide distinctive features that make each design unique, for a perfect interaction between the kitchen's component elements.


Armony continues to export Italian design; this time we stepped into the heart of Europe, exhibiting at Swissbau 2018, in Basel. The event is one of Europe's leading trade shows for the construction industry and interior design sector.
Our success was due to the showcased products, created after extensive research, Urban Lacquer and Liquid Foil. These state-of-the-art finishes, involving a complex production process, convey all their intrinsic quality without the need for description.

Over 200 finishings to customise your kitchen.


The kitchen communicates visually with the space around it and connects with us through our sense of touch. This is why our main focus has always been on the materials we use to craft and finish our kitchens.


Armony kitchens are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility where waste is reduced to a minimum, precision takes pride of place and human skills always make the difference.

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