Opening systems are key when it comes to the practicality of a kitchen, which is why Armony has always focussed on research and innovation in this area, offering the most functional and stylish customised opening solutions.

Extensive studies in ergonomics in the Research & Development department have delivered a range of 11 opening solutions, with a choice of 2 different Grip profiles and 28 handles.


Diamond is a cabinet door with integrated handle; essential, unique and timeless. Manufactured with the most up to date numerical control machines, this door gives the kitchen a refined, minimal look.

Armony Opening Solutions - Zeta


Minimalism is synonymous with elegance in this simple yet innovative solution. The stainless steel finish Zeta handle is set into an L-shaped recess routed into the 22 mm thick cabinet door.

The Zeta handle is designed to provide an excellent grip even with the modern Delta flat grip profile, for a stylish yet practical kitchen.


Cabinet door with aluminium pull recessed along its full length. Designed to achieve a good grip and facilitate the opening of a handleless door, its shape has a minimalist style, embellishes and protects the door, but most of all it greatly improves grip thanks to its ergonomic design developed by the Armony Research & Development Centre.

Armony Opening Solutions - Verso
Armony Opening Solutions - Round Groove


Materials, form and functions. The L-shaped Sigma grip profile is the key feature in this solution as it avoids the need for protruding handles and is the most practical opening system in the Armony collection.

The wide space created by the grip profile improves access to cabinet doors and deep drawers and, depending on the selected finishing, can become a major feature if a strong contrast is chosen or can be toned down for a minimalist styling.


This state-of-the-art solution has a clean and essential design with the top profile cut at 33°, avoiding the need for an external handle.

The 22 mm thick cabinet doors are manufactured with cutting-edge machinery offering a choice from a wide range of surface materials, and can be combined with Delta or Sigma grip profiles for a streamlined look in keeping with a modern kitchen design.

Armony Opening Solutions - Omicron
Armony Opening Solutions - Regola


The handle is applied along the length of the 22 mm thick cabinet door and thanks to its linear and geometric shape creates modern and striking design solutions.

The Regola handle is available in stainless steel and dark brown finishings to offer different aesthetic styles.


A practical and elegant solution featuring an handle set along the length of the top edge of the door is combined with the flat grip profile.

Armony Opening Solutions - Ring
Aperture Armony - Ola


The cabinet door is lowered to allow the Ola handle to be set along the length of the top edge, creating a striking motif across the whole kitchen. The visual effect of the stainless steel finishing combined with its rounded edge gives an elegant feel to the entire room.

Every aspect of the Ola handle has been carefully designed, including the inside which makes it easy to grip.


Without any profile grips or handles, the Push-Pull opening system enables minimalist compositions to be created for a completely seamless design.

Push-Pull openings can be applied on all types of base, wall or tall units. They can even be installed in the fridge housing unit, providing an easy opening system activated electrically just by touching the door.

Armony Opening Solutions - Push-Pull
Armony Opening Solutions - Handles


Since handles have a timeless appeal, Armony offers an array of 28 different handle designs available in a variety of finishings ranging from matt white through to black, aluminium and stainless steel.

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