Armony Accesories

Our accessories are designed not only to make the kitchen more functional but also to provide distinctive features that make each design unique, for a perfect interaction between the kitchen's component elements.

Materiali Armony

The kitchen communicates visually with the space around it and connects with us through our sense of touch, this is why our main focus has always been on the materials we use to craft and finish our kitchens.

Armony Opening Solutions

Opening systems are key when it comes to the practicality of a kitchen, which is why Armony has always focussed on research and innovation in this area, offering the most functional and stylish customised opening solutions.

Armony Collection - Omicron


Transforming the pleasure of functional and socially important spaces into tangible projects. Giving an additional security to quality: every item has been made to last. Interpreting contemporary lifestyles through formal research. So the designers at the Armony Research and Development Center bring technology and aesthetics together, to express the beauty of Italian kitchens in each and every design.


In the manufacturing sites, of Caneva (PN) and Mansuè (TV), skilled workmen control the last most updated generation of CNC Machines. The heart of Armony's design: aesthetic, elegance and experience, stay for reliable products, new images for future kitchens but remaining a still conscious witness of past traditions.

Armony Cucine Tecnologia
Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination