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Armony Cucine applies imagination and enthusiasm
to its culture of quality furniture.

Dettaglio Cucina Armony

Passion, dedication, imagination

Every day we make kitchen furniture by interpreting the dreams and needs of families throughout the world, in an environmentally friendly way. We apply talent, passion and authenticity to our role as ambassadors of Italian flair for life, where design and tradition are the perfect synthesis of a unique culture. We sincerely wish our products will take happiness into the homes of all the world, providing joy-sharing experiences in an environment that meets individual needs.

Cucina Armony

An entirely Italian simphony

The pleasure of a kitchen conceived to welcome emotions, generate wealth, designed to last. At the heart of Armony's design conception there are, functional spaces and conviviality. Looking for shapes that represent contemporary life-styles that express through each model the beauty of Italian kitchen comfort, dynamism and freedom of movement.

Cucina Armony
Armony Identità
Cucina Cocktail
Armony dettaglio

An aptitude for researh

Research and innovation have resulted in over 200 different finishes: exclusive materials that are a joy to behold and touch. Full customisation is the modern spirit, translated as flexible planning, where each need is freely expressed.


Company and territory,
a love story

Armony has always identified itself with its territory, particularly in the relationship between the company’s growth and the outstanding value of a local community that encapsulates rare professional excellence. An Armony kitchen is one where all the wooden parts come from forests managed to high environmental, social and economic standards that respect current and future generations.

Azienda e territorio
armony materiali
armony materiali

From the province of Treviso, a manufacturing district in North-East Italy that produces excellence, an artisan concept of furniture soon became a successful industrial brand. Armony kitchen furniture is produced in avant-garde facilities where waste is reduced to a minimum and maximum precision prevails, and where human skills make the difference.

Armony Showroom
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Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination