Drawers and deep drawers

The drawers and deep drawers can be equipped with a vast range of accessories available in a variety of finishings, including stainless steel, solid black walnut, black painted ash and magnetic plastic elements.

Studied down to the tiniest detail and developed by selected partners, these accessories are invaluable in creating a kitchen that is as rich inside as it is outside.


Drawer organizer made in dark oak solid wood with black
metal dividers. Accessories available for customization.

Easy Line

Combining the warmth and elegance of wood with highly contemporary minimalist forms, Easy Line offers a range of solid wood accessories for drawers and deep drawers, both modular and non-modular, to subdivide interior spaces and maximise storage potential.

They are available in four different finishings, and the base can be chosen in the same finish or in stainless steel to create the perfect aesthetic design.

Elite Line

The particular flared shape combined with the charm of solid wood makes these accessories for drawers and deep drawers an exclusive detail that lends elegance to the composition.

Available in two different finishes, the choice of available combinations is further enhanced by a whole range of stainless steel and polypropylene inserts.

Whitty Line

These extremely functional interior dividers in magnetised plastic can be freely arranged in countless compositions to suit every individual need.

This solution becomes even more practical when combined with the vast range of available accessories in white polypropylene or stainless steel.


Armony offers a variety of solutions for dealing with kitchen waste.

Among them, the Premiere range is notable for its beautiful design. The waste bins are available in two different colours to match the choice of interior baskets. As well as bins, the Premiere range includes detergent holders and magazine racks. The bases and lids are in stainless steel.


Aluminum waste bin with high containment capacity elegantly
finished with anti-fingerprint paint.

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Passion, dedication, imagination