Armony Outdoor,
the pleasures of outdoor cooking

With the cooperation of Italian brand Fogher, Armony takes its kitchen philosophy, “designed to
accommodate emotions, generate wellbeing and last over time” outdoors, on the patios and in the gardens of those who love spending time with their families and friends.

This kitchen is designed to provide the pleasures of cooking outdoors, an activity that’s becoming an increasingly popular habit with those who are looking to recreate outdoors the charm and warmth of an indoor kitchen, elevating the idea of the barbeque.

Weather resistant, made from top quality materials, such as brushed stainless steel and zinc-magnesium coated steel, your outdoor kitchen will remain attractive and functional over time.

Minimal and essential, it has infinite potential, the result of studies and passion applied by experts who have combined tradition and modernity with innovation to create a great new outdoor cooking experience.

Now, all that coming and going between the kitchen and outdoor space will no longer be necessary, optimising energy and managing space more rationally. You will be able to use gas-fired barbeques, charcoal smoker grills or fireplaces with grills for any type of food, including ovens for first courses and vegetables, sinks and refrigerated units, all integrated in a single designer kitchen.

As featured in Armony’s DNA, our outdoor kitchens can adapt to the needs of the place where they will be installed and of those who have a passion for outdoor cooking, through technological solutions that optimise the barbeque’s performance: surfaces with evenly spread heat, effective oil collecting systems, accessories that aid going from direct to indirect cooking, smoker grills, or bread and pizza mode.

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Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination