HPL Laminate worktops

HPL laminate is the ideal material for those who require a low maintenance kitchen. It is a high-tech material with strong water and scratch resistance properties and is the ultimate choice when it comes to hygiene. It is perfect for the kitchen because it combines practical and aesthetic qualities, and is available in a wide array of colours and finishes faithfully reproducing stone, marble and wood. One of the advantages of this material is that it can be matched to the cabinet doors, providing total freedom of composition.




Unicolor HPL

UNICOLOR HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Laminate has remarkable resistance properties and is highly versatile. The absence of imperfections in corners and edges is due to its advanced technology content and to a particular production process resulting in the solid-block appearance of the worktop. This is enhanced by the option of an integrated sink built through a patented technique for bonding the Unicolor finishing to the stainless steel bowl.



Fenix NTM® is a new and innovative feature in the kitchen. This HPL laminate with a distinctive matt appearance offers state-of-the-art performance thanks to special surface characteristics, such as thermal scratch repair and softness to the touch, achieved with the help of nanotechnology.

The porcelain stoneware chosen by Armony is Laminam®, an aesthetically unique material whose characteristics make it ideal for use in the kitchen. This is due to its resistance to chemical agents, scratches and abrasions. Produced with cutting-edge technology, this material is easy to clean and is resistant to sudden temperature changes, extreme heat, mould and UV radiation without colour alterations. Its characteristics remain unchanged even after intensive use and frequent cleaning.

The collection also features faithful reproductions of stone, marble and oxidized metals.


Among the countless properties of Silestone®, those that have most contributed to its popularity are the extreme resilience of this material over time in spaces subject to intensive daily use like the kitchen and the plethora of decorative patterns to choose from. The worktops are a combination of natural quartz and acrylic resins, they are harder than granite and more flexible at the same time. They also provide active anti-bacterial protection.

Dekton® is an innovative and sophisticated blend of the raw materials used in construction, including glass, latest-generation porcelain stoneware materials and quartz surfaces. Thanks to a process of sintering and ultra-compaction the resulting surface is completely non-porous and flawless. Its distinctive properties of high resistance to scratches, stains and abrasions make this the perfect choice for a stylish and durable kitchen.


Lapitec® is an innovative through-body sintered stone slab. Its completely non-porous surface is non-absorbent, resistant to stains, bacteria and mould, and is easy to clean with just a cloth and warm water. Lapitec® remains completely unaltered over time. It is extremely hard and resistant to acid agents and abrasion. It is an eco-friendly material as it is resin free. Its stunning qualities also include its aesthetic appearance.

Hanex® Acrylic

An innovative material whose deep shade is evenly spread through its entire thickness so that any scratches or stains can be totally removed from its surface. Unlike low quality acrylic materials, Hanex® maintains its colour unchanged over time. Thanks to its two thirds mineral and one third Methyl Methacrylate composition, it is hygienic and easy to clean.

LG Hi-Macs® Acrylic

LG HI-MACS® gives the kitchen a modern look, is hygienic and requires minimal care. It is a combination of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments (75%), has a non-porous structure and has strong impact and stain resistance properties. A typical characteristic of acrylic is that scratches can be repaired by rubbing the surface with a Scotch Brite pad or fine grit sandpaper.

Tempered Glass

An elegant material with a strong personality, it will steal the spotlight in any room. It consists of a sheet of very pale back-painted tempered glass. A special protective treatment is applied to its surface to prevent scratches. It is 1.5 cm thick, with rounded edges, and is available in a very elegant glossy version or in a modern looking matt version.


Carrara marble has always been used for kitchens and with its timeless charm it continues to be popular thanks to the warmth it brings into the kitchen while still looking very contemporary.

It does require particular care, however, due to the risk of surface absorption.



Compac is a high quality quartz composite with strong stain and scratch resistance as well as low liquid absorption and considerable durability. Being a non-porous material, it is hygienic and particularly suitable for food preparation areas. Among the most distinctive features of Compac is the remarkable brightness of its surface which creates a sparkling ambience.



Granite is a unique material and with its different colours and bold veining it becomes the main feature of the kitchen. Its properties are superior to marble due to its higher quartz content and over time it keeps the natural look that has always made it so universally appealing.


Stainless steel is used in all professional kitchens and can be combined with any finishing. Its popularity is due to its hygienic, impact resistant and easy to clean properties. Its manufacturing process has to be carried out by highly skilled technicians since working with this material requires specialist training and the utmost precision. It is made from 10/10 mm thick sheets supported by water repellent V100 chipboard to protect it from the moisture that usually builds up in the kitchen. It is also available in the 0.5 mm thick solid steel version to create exquisitely modern and stylish compositions. Its surface, however, is prone to scratches that over time give it an aged look. This is one of the reasons why the Armony range includes the special Wirbel steel finishing, a surface with a decorative brushed texture that conceals scratches.


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