An innovative kitchen featuring modern combinations of straight lines, new materials and imaginative layouts. These harmonious solutions show the utmost attention to detail, reflected by the 22 mm thick cabinet doors with a 33° cut profile, and are always conceived with functional and practical aspects in mind. A kitchen that keeps up with today's fast pace of life and can be customised to meet specific lifestyle needs.

Precise design for a new definition of the kitchen, featuring outstanding materials such as the beautifully deep shades of Rovere Thermo veneered wood and the special Rame Metal lacquer that gives the cabinet doors a look of brushed sheet metal. The Infinity slat system with Venus finish has black metal shelves.

Roomy environments interpret a metropolitan style with renewed post-industrial touches, customising the kitchen with confidently stated taste, like the contrast between our special Urban Ghisa laccato and Giallo Zolfo laccato lucido.

Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination



VIDEO PRODUCTION Quasar Production

3D RENDER Nudesign

WEB DESIGN Studio Anice

PHOTOGRAPHY Tommaso Balestra

STYLING Claudia Sani

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