Pointhouse for Armony

Armony includes tables and iconic chairs by Pointhouse in its catalogue, providing top end
designer kitchen furniture.

A top end designer kitchen with an increasingly Italian flavour is the result of our cooperation with Pointhouse, for 30 years a leading manufacturer of tables, chairs, stools and complementary décor items that have become iconic on the interior design scene. Like this original, dynamically styled Tata Young model.

Now customers can rely on Armony to conceive every part of their kitchens, integrating Pointhouse products into a single project. Pointhouse has great experience in processing and pressing steel and aluminium, providing the opportunity to combine metal with different types of materials.

We are very proud to work with a company that, like Armony, is deeply rooted in one of Italy’s most important furniture districts, where it has developed into a successful business throughout the world while keeping production within its territory.

Our cooperation epitomises a common vision: focus on people and their wellbeing, increased sustainability and functionality for the space in which we live, as well as comprehension of and adaptation to the contemporary world’s continuous transformations.

Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination