Wood snack counters

The elegance of its veining and its natural flavour make it an evergreen material, only the shades evolve and Armony offers different choices of flamed, knotty and rough sawn oak veneers. The varnish not only enhances the geometric patterns of the surfaces but also protects the wood from wear over time and keeps its appearance unaltered.




Antique wood snack counters

Snack counters in antique wood, available in three different finishes, are particularly striking. These counters are crafted from 6 mm thick oak, fir or larch wood slices obtained from reclaimed old buildings. They are then arranged in slats supported by plywood and glued laminated timber panels.

The result is unique and shows the true craftsmanship that has gone into the woodworking process.



Vintage Wood snack counters

Vintage woods are made from solid oak blocks bonded to staves. The surface then undergoes a hand-crafted process to produce a warm and authentic flavour and the unmistakable look of solid wood.

The snack counters are made of a bottom layer of plywood bonded to a 12 mm laminated timber support panel and to a 4 mm top layer of hand-finished solid oak.


HPL Laminated Snack Counters

HPL Laminate is a hygienic and wear resistant high-tech material. It combines practical and aesthetic qualities and is available in a wide array of colours and finishes faithfully reproducing stone, marble and wood, making it particularly suitable for snack counters. One of the advantages of this material is that it can be matched with the cabinet doors and worktop to create a coordinated and seamless kitchen design.





Fenix NTM® is a new and innovative feature in the kitchen. This HPL laminate with a distinctive matt appearance offers state-of-the-art performance thanks to special surface characteristics, such as thermal scratch repair and softness to the touch, achieved with the help of nanotechnology. Also available for worktops and cabinet doors.

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Passion, dedication, imagination