The Yota kitchen is designed with the individual user's needs in mind and every detail is conceived to lead them through an emotional journey. With its stylish 22 mm thick doors, the kitchen becomes a major feature in the house, enhanced by a vast range of materials, including skilfully crafted wood veneers, glossy and matt lacquered surfaces as well as special lacquer finishes.

This project matches technical materials such as aluminium and ceramics with lively, pearly Mica lacquered colours. The doors with their Talco finish have integrated Verso handles with the same Mica lacquered finish, glowing in a luminous environment featuring Blu Petrolio tall units and a Palo black anodised aluminium storage wall.

Sophisticated coordination of colours and textures are at the heart of this project. The refined surface pattern of Carbonio metal lacquered cabinets is matched with the elegant Olmo wood veneer, united by the shaped worktops and variable thicknesses of the Inalco two-coloured ceramic elements. Grip profiles with Titanio finish.

Reminiscent of the classical, but updated to modern times, this kitchen combines our exclusive Bronzo Lux Liquid metal lacquered finish with the texture of Rovere Thermo wood and Silestone Nero Marquina.

This kitchen matches essential lines with a precise formal aura. The Peltro and Ardesia Mica lacquered doors are the distinguishing feature, creating highly original surface reflections.

A functional kitchen designed for high efficiency, everything rotates around a central island featuring a suspended top that creates freely inspired forms and dimensions. The side snack counter slides to reveal a wine storage area. Behind, Fossil Stone lacquered tall units that enhance the image and quality of this exclusive composition.

Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination



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