Kitchen use experiences are associated above all with opening systems, which allow us to open and close a door, reveal compartments and take and replace ingredients and utensils.

Grip profiles and classic, vertical and built-in handles are those typical expressions of design that combine functionality and good looks in a single element. Details that make the difference and that can improve interaction with one’s kitchen.

Grip profiles,
clean lines and practicality

Kitchens with grip profiles are synonymous with essentiality, minimalism and purity.
The aesthetic aspect is one of the main reasons why grip profiles are preferred in kitchen design. The possibility of having smooth, even, uninterrupted surfaces and seamless lines is undoubtedly one of the driving factors for choosing a kitchen with grip profiles.

There are two types of grip profiles, flat and curved. They are paired with the doors, which in turn offer different upper edge machining finishes that facilitate opening and make the kitchen even more exclusive. Examples of this include Armony’s iconic models Omicron (doors with slanting edges), Zeta (stylish aluminium insert on the edge of the doors) and newcomer Diamond (doors with shaped edges).

Grip profiles can be fitted both horizontally and vertically. This latter option is conceived for oven, refrigerator and pantry tall units, whereas horizontal grip profiles, which are undeniably more common, characterise base units. In addition, a wide range of colours makes it possible to create colour contrasts or combinations that enhance the composition and the beauty of the surfaces.

Handles, traditionally innovative

Handles are certainly synonymous with practical and safe opening. A more traditional choice that, at the same time, must not be associated with the classic kitchen concept. Far from it, handles are a matter of taste, particularly in spaces with a metropolitan style requiring textured elements that enhance the environments and give them character.

Handles thus become a design element that adds value to the composition. A detail that can match the colour of the skirting boards, electrical appliances and other smaller furnishing accessories present in the home.

Logical, the handle
of the future

In keeping with these trends, Armony has developed hybrid solutions: integrated handles that mimic grip profiles like Ring and Verso, and handles integrated into the entire length of the door, like Ola and Regola.

However, the real novel proposal goes by the name of Logica, the new Armony handle that was unveiled at the last furniture exhibition in Paris and transforms any kitchen into a unique and distinctive environment.

An industrial-style built-in handle that stands out for its well-defined geometric lines, able to combine good looks with unprecedented comfort. In addition, its limited protrusion increases the level of safety in the home, especially in families with young children. The grip is safe, wide and comfortable. It can be positioned both centrally on deep drawers and laterally on the edge of double doors, to create an even more customised detail with a high visual impact.

Logica is available in Black and Titanium and joins the vast catalogue of Armony opening systems, which now offers a range of 11 opening solutions, 2 different grip profiles and 28 handles, the result of the work of our Research and Development Department, which is able to satisfy both ergonomic studies and all potential user requirements.

Armony Cucine - Passion, dedication, imagination

Passion, dedication, imagination