From breakfast, through to brunch and a drink in company, snack counters are a fundamental feature of modern kitchens that often present a more practical and functional alternative to a conventional table. Not only do they meet the requirements of a dynamic and versatile style, they also become a design element able to separate or create continuity between the day area and living space, while bringing a contemporary feel to the environment.

They are perfect for those who consider the kitchen a social area in which to welcome guests and entertain them while preparing a meal or enjoying a drink together. But what different types are available? Let’s take a closer look at kitchen snack counter options and their respective advantages.

Cantilevered snack counters

Ideal for creating a bar-like atmosphere when the space available is limited. The same solution can be used in more open environments to give movement to linear and well-defined spaces.

Lowered counter

Lowered snack counters, where the level of the counter is closer to table height, are characterised by the use of chairs instead of stools. They can be connected at the side, to become an extension of a central island, or have an L-shaped design to surround an island, or alternatively connect two different sections of the kitchen furniture. The finishes and materials can coordinate with the solutions used for the wall units and doors, or provide a contrast, in order to emphasise the structure of the snack counter. The result is a hybrid solution that acts as both a table and a counter, perfect for when space is limited.

Built-in snack counter

This type of counter is built into the peninsula, maintains the same style and creates a fluid transition between the cooking and social areas. It is the ideal solution for those who want to maintain the same type of design and materials, without forgoing a part of the work area in which to come together on special occasions or to enjoy a bite to eat with the family.

Corner, Armony’s sliding snack counter

This type of snack counter is provided with a 45° sliding mechanism that fits perfectly with the other elements of the kitchen. It is an interesting space-saving solution that makes it possible to optimise the surface available and expand it when necessary, without compromising in terms of comfort or aesthetics.

It was with this in mind that Armony developed a one-of-a-kind product: a diagonally sliding system making it possible to use both sides of the island.

S.Top, Armony revolutionises the snack counter concept

Presented at the last furniture exhibition in Paris, S.Top is the brand-new adjustable-height snack counter support structure, conceived by our designers to make the counter more functional while reducing its footprint.

A true design solution, ideal for increasing kitchen worktop space without adding elements, rather by removing them, apparently, from the visual space. Thanks to S.Top, the snack does not need to be rested on the counter but is supported by the structure and therefore disappears from sight.

What material for snack counters?

The choice of the material for a snack counter consists of two ingredients: customisation of the space and work area maintenance. Wood, with its warm hues, and the great elegance of natural stones, bring nature to mind, but require greater maintenance.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is one of the most popular materials for snack counters: it is highly resistant, does not absorb liquids, offers easier cleaning and has natural antibacterial properties. Above all, it combines perfectly with all kitchen styles, finishes and colours, even the most classic, while bringing a touch of design and modernity to the environment.

Functional spaces and time spent in company are the focus of Armony’s design work. Snack counters are perfectly in step with this philosophy, because they condense functionality and aesthetics into a single element. This is why Armony Cucine allows great freedom of customisation, able to accommodate the style of those who will use the kitchen on a daily basis.

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Passion, dedication, imagination